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The friendly folk at HAINAN JOBS get you safely settled into the job on Hainan island that best suits you, chosen from a small selection of schools that we personally know and like, that have a good reputation as employers.

HAINAN ISLAND: a great place to live.

HAINAN JOBS: the best way to get there.

HAINAN JOBS, founded in Sanya, provides all-round work and life services to international talents on their career paths in China.

Our job is to understand what each headmaster needs, and what each foreign teacher needs; then find the best fit for each other for a happy and sustainable work and life balance.

We provide HR services for clients seeking international talent sourcing solution and expat life service support.

  • Enhancing the foreign attraction of international Hainan island.
  • Realising the integration of international quality human resources.
  • Carrying out international cultural exchange activities.
  • Provide comprehensive online job postings.
  • Customise recruitment and talent management services.

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