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HAINAN JOBS, founded in Sanya, is an international HR service platform providing all-round work and life services to international talents on their career paths in China.

  • Enhancing the foreign attraction of international Hainan island.
  • Promoting intercultural communication between China and foreign countries.
  • Realising the integration of international quality human resources.
  • Carrying out international cultural exchanges and cooperation.

We provide an International HR Service Platform for clients seeking international talent sourcing solution and expat life service support. We help Chinese enterprises promptly find high quality international talents and help international talents to find suitable jobs in China and settle in China.

  • Carrying out international cultural exchange activities.
  • Establish a comprehensive international talent database.
  • Provide comprehensive online job postings.
  • Customise recruitment and talent management services.

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Roughly the size of Taiwan, Hainan is China’s southernmost province. Hainan island lies off the south coast of China, between Hong Kong and Vietnam.

Hainan is in China, but if feels more like South East Asia: white sand beaches, clean air, blue skies, good surf, green hills, mangoes, coconut palms and all that jazz.

In Sanya, at the southern tip of Hainan island, the temperature is 30 degrees C for much of the year, with a constant sea breeze. Winter temperatures plummet to sub-22 degrees C if there is a northerly wind blowing.

Two international airports connect Hainan with almost all large cities in mainland China, and many international destinations as well. It is a short flight from Haikou or Sanya to Hong Kong: about an hour.

Traditionally Hainan is about farming and fishing, and is pretty laid back. Sanya, the smaller city at the southern tip of the island is now about tourism, beaches and resorts, popular with sailors, surfers and kite surfers. Haikou is the provincial capital in the north. Both are connected by a comfortable, inexpensive fast train.

The rising middle class in Hainan is now able to educate their children at English private schools, therefore the English teaching industry has just taken off, thus the sudden and recent demand for a lot of native English teachers (and a marine biologist).


Barbara Du

Hainan Jobs is the brainchild of the bright, bubbly and energetic Barbara who has worked for Sanya local government for many years and is closely associated with many schools on Hainan island.



Lareina has worked with Barbara forever and is the go-to person for getting stuff done. Lareina has many talents including speaking English, playing the violin, oil painting and sometimes all three at once.


David is an architect from New Zealand, far removed from the education industry but has lived in Sanya for years and is a generally helpful fellow.

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“LAOWAI Sanya” was founded in Sanya, is an international HR service platform, and provides all-round work and life services to international talents on their career paths in China.