Frequently Asked Questions

There are 3 stages:

1. Gather your documents

2. Apply to Sanya government for processing

3. If approved, Sanya government sends you a letter

4. Take the letter to your local Chinese Embassy

5. Chinese Embassy puts a “Z” visa in your passport

6. Fly to Sanya

7. Submit application for Residents Permit

8. Start work.

  1. Bachelor’s degree, or higher.
  2. A clear police record statement.
  3. Job references (proving that you have at least two year’s work experience).
  4. Copy of your passport.

Your degree and police record statement must be legalised, which means notarised and endorsed by your government and by Chinese Embassies in your country.

Yes. This is a routine health check which you get in Sanya when you arrive (…. or in your home country????)

Yes, but you have to be quick to see them.

Dadonghai beach in the summer months, East Coast (Riyue Bay or Houhai in the winter).

Usually early November each year, held at Riyue Bay.

Yes, excellent. International competitions are held each year in Haitang Bay.

Often, yes. Once you have been offered the job, have a signed contract and fly yourself to Hainan, the school may be able to reimburse your airfare straight away. This helps your cashflow for the first few weeks.

No, you are not expected to speak  Chinese. We can arrange Chinese lessons for you though, to make normal life easier. There is a thriving community of ex-pats in Hainan.